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Do you use food delivery apps to order good food on the train? Then you must know that some of the popular restaurants have started delivering by train. Yes, you heard it right! Now Haldiram food delivery in train is available. So now you don’t have to wait to enjoy the delicious Haldiram snacks, breakfasts, and more. You can place your order and then you can deliciously enjoy good food inside the train. When you think, it feels like is it possible or it is just a dream. These days food delivery apps are becoming popular and famous and are delivering good food to train travel passengers. So, if you want to enjoy Haldiram’s popular snacks then use Haldiram food delivery in train. Now no more waiting, just enjoying good food from Haldiram’s.

So, what next? Order Haldiram food in the train and keep enjoying the delicious snacks with your family. Haldiram’s is one of the most popular food joints in India and are serving good food for many years. But now, such old restaurants are coming to food delivery platforms to serve good food to every customer who is traveling. Now you can be curious to know how they are delivering good food inside the train. Do they have any app to order food or how it is happening? Yes, as we understand you need complete information regarding the same. So, let us answer all your questions and give you complete clarity.
Haldiram train delivery has started but not at all the railway stations in India. They are providing this train delivery at only some of the stations with limited food options, which can be disappointing for some of the foodies who are traveling by train across various cities. So it’s always better to check with them before dreaming of a good food delivery from them. Another big drawback of Haldiram online food order in train is that they don’t have any personal app for foodies to order food. You can’t use the Haldiram app to enjoy good food inside the train as they will not directly deliver your food to the station or even to your seat.
This is one of the most discouraging disadvantages of popular brands like Haldiram. When you place an order their delivery partners will drop your food outside the railway platform and also they won’t set on your platform. This problem can dishearten the foodies who love to enjoy good food from Haldiram. Even If you place an order through Zomato or Swiggy till you won’t get food at the doorstep. But if you place your order with Traveler Food then you deliver your food at your berth and your seat.
So, now if you want to order Haldiram food in train, you can use the Traveler food app. As they are all, particularly experts in food delivery at Indian railway stations. You can use the Traveler Food app and you can add your train number, station name, and your berth no and be done. You will receive your food at your place without worrying about getting delayed or not getting on time.

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Indian Railways has improved its food quality and there is no doubt about it. But apart from IRCTC you can order your food with other apps like Traveler Food and can enjoy delicious North Indian, South Indian, snacks, thalis, and many more just with a click.
North Indian Dishes: You can now attack North Indian foods when you are traveling towards the North or mountains. The food is generally spicy and delicious. But the perfect blend of spices and cooking style you can get when you order from good restaurants like Haldirams or any local shops.
South Indian: You just name it and Traveler Food is ready to serve it to you. You can order masala dosa, upma, idli, Pongal, and south Indian thali of your choice. South India has amazingly good food that you can enjoy when you are traveling towards South India or even any part of India.
Chinese: Chinese dishes such as Manchurian, Hakka noodles, fried rice, soups, and manchow are some of the finest foods that you can order on the train. Traveler Food will help you to serve delicious food with good packaging at your seat. The food is available anytime for the passengers.
Veg Thali: If you want to enjoy the amazing thalis of your choice then don’t stop yourself. Various parts of India serve delicious good thalis that you must try once in your life. A Punjabi Thali, Bengali Thali, north Indian Thali, or a south Indian Thali.
Non–Veg Deluxe Thali: For all the nonveg lovers in the house, we won’t disappoint you, as you can also order your favorite non-veg thali of your choice. You can order anything with us veg or non-veg. Non-veg must-order butter chicken/chicken curry, chapatti/paratha, seasonal veg, dal fry, raita, sweet, curd, salad, papad, and pickle. It is the most ordered thali on the train.
However, you can call us at 7827998877 to place your favorite order with us. You can choose Haldiram train delivery or directly place the order with Traveler Food, as anything is possible.