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Traveler food will provides you quality food delivery at AYODHYA Railway station from the popular restaurant or food outlet in AYODHYA.You can call us before an hour you will reach at station and fresh food in AYODHYA railway station will be delivered at your seat.

Did you know that while traveling to Ayodhya by train, you get a glimpse of the proposed Ram Mandir Temple at the Railway Station itself? This dream will be a reality post-Diwali 2020.

Traveling by train to the city of Ayodhya would itself be a momentous journey. Start your planning right away, but even now you can make your rail journey amazing.

Food delivery in Train at Ayodhya Railway Station

Get the best Veg and Non-Veg food at railway station of Ayodhya.

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Where is Ayodhya Station located?

Ayodhya railway station is located in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. It is situated on the broad gauge of the Northern Railways of the Lucknow main route, this station, and the Faizabad railway junction is the nearest one. Ayodhya is the birthplace of Lord Rama and associated with the famous epic Ramayana, and one of the seven most popular pilgrimage sites of India.

Indian Railway line at Ayodhya Station                                                                                                                         

Ayodhya station is located close to Faizabad railway station on Faizabad-Akbarpur Railway Station line of the Indian Railway line. It is well connected to the cities of Delhi, Etawah, Kanapur, Aligarh, Lucknow, Varanasi, Gondapur and Gorakhpur.


Important places to visit near Ayodhya Railway Station

The land of Ayodhya has many mythological and sacred bonds. Being a symbolic spiritual centre, the ringing of temple bells, melodious chanting of mantras fills the aura of this place.

Few of the major attractions to visit nearby Ayodhya station are:

·         Sri Ram Janma Bhoomi-1km from the station

·         Raja Mandir-1.2 km from the station

·         Gulab Bari-4.4 km from the station

·         Guptar Ghat-5.9 km from the station

·         Sita Ka Rasoi-1.4 km from the station

Apart from these places, when you are in Ayodhya significant places to be visited are Ramkatha Park, Tulsi Udyan, Ramkot, Hanuman Garhi Fort and various other places.

Culture of Ayodhya

Being a religious centre the predominant religion is Hinduism. People here speak Hindi and Avadhi. Ramnavami is the major festival celebrated.

Famous restaurants nearby Ayodhya Railway Station

In Ayodhya people relish simple and traditional vegetarian cuisine which includes dal, roti, vegetables, rice, poori, and kachoris. Get to taste some of the sumptuous dishes when in Ayodhya like Veg Biryani, Aloo Tikki, Litti Chokha, Chole Bhatura, Baingan Bharta, Dal Bati and Curma and more.

Famous restaurant nearby Ayodhya Railway Station include:

·         Makan Malai Restaurant

·         Awantika Restaurant

·         Thoos Lo

·         Baba Bhojanalay

·         The Aura Restaurant

Jain, Veg, Non-veg food options available at Ayodhya Railway Station 

Ayodhya being a religious centre, dining options are limited to mostly vegetarian cuisines. Try some of the best Jain, Veg, Non-Veg food options. The food available is mostly Punjabi, North Indian, and Chinese.

Order food in train at Ayodhya Railway Station

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