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Traveler food will provides you quality food delivery at ANANTPUR Railway station from the popular restaurant or food outlet in ANANTPUR.You can call us before an hour you will reach at station and fresh food in ANANTPUR railway station will be delivered at your seat.

Food delivery in Train at Anantpur Railway Station

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Where is Anantpur Station located?

Anantpur railway station is based out in Anantpur district, Andhra Pradesh. Anantpur city is the Mandal headquarters of Anantpuram Mandal and also the divisional headquarters of Anantpur revenue division. The city is well connected by rail and road.

Indian Railway line at Anantpur Station

Anantpur is located on Hyderabad-Bangalore Highway and Railway line. The station lies on the Guntakal-Bangalore section. Anantapur railway station has computerized reservation counters, waiting room, retiring room, non-vegetarian refreshment stall, light refreshment stall, tea stall, and bookstall.

Anantapuram has 2 platforms and each can handle a train with more than 21 coaches. Daily 41 pairs of passenger trains pass through this station with halt times more than 2 minutes.


Important places to visit near Anantpur Railway Station

Anantpur is a prime educational centre with various schools, colleges, and universities. Prominent institutions and universities include Sri Krishnadevaraya University, JNTU Anantapur, Sri Sathya Sai University, Central University of Andhra Pradesh, and more.

Few of the famous temples to visit nearby Anantpur station are:

·         Sri Kasivisweswara & Kodanda Rama Swamy Temple

·         Sri Virupakeshwara & Obuleswara Swamy Temple

·         ISKCON temple

·         Sri Mounagiri Kshetram (39ft height Monolithic Hanuman statue)

·         Shivakoti temple

Anantpur has various significant places to be visited and also historic monuments which include:

·         Clock Tower Anantpur

·         Penukonda Fort

·         Rayadurgam Fort

·         Thimmamma Marimanu- Biggest Banyan Tree of Souh India


Culture of Anantpur

The city of Anantupur is famous for noteworthy persons who have contributed to the field of politics, film industry, literature, drama and other platforms. The city is also known for silk trade.

Famous restaurants nearby Anantpur Railway Station

Anantpur city is famous for cuisines rich in Millets, Jowar, Bajra and Ragi. From biryani, to vadas, curries, pickles find tasty dishes in the city. Few of the must try dishes are biryani, chicken curry, cripy Andhra style bhindi, panasa puttu koora (Jackfruit curry), Gutti vankaya (Brinjal curry), boorelu (rice flour dumplings stuffed with coconut gratings), and more. Sweets like Shahi Tukda, Bobattlu, Gajar ka halwa, Sheer Korma are a must-try.

Famous restaurants nearby Anantpur Railway Station include:

·         Arabian Hut

·         Ruchi Family Restaurant

·         Hotel Munchyz Fried Chicken

·         Shiridi Sai Sweets Bhavani

·         Emerald Restaurant

·         Naveen Residency-Tasty Biryani

·         Gurukripa Hotel-South India delicacies

Jain, Veg, Non-veg food options available at Anantpur Railway Station 

Anantpur flavours being influenced by the royal Nawab families you can try out some of the best Jain, Veg, Non-Veg food options. Culinary delights of the place are not only popular within the state, but countrywide. Being the biggest rice producer, rice dishes are very popular and all the dishes which are a combination of spicy and tanginess are the best combo with rice.

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