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Traveler food will provides you quality food delivery at KHANDWA JN Railway station from the popular restaurant or food outlet in KHANDWA JN.You can call us before an hour you will reach at station and fresh food in KHANDWA JN railway station will be delivered at your seat.

Khandwa – The City Of Four Kunds

The ancient city of Khandwa is located in the Nimar region of Madhya Pradesh. The city houses several Hindu and Jain temples and is also famous for the four kunds located in its four corners. It is also well known for its production of a unique variety of wheat known as Khandwa 2, which has an exclusive colour, quality and aroma. Other local crops produced in large quantities in the region include cotton and soyabean. The city is also renowned for its popular tourist destinations of Dada Darbar, Nagchun and Hanumantiya Island.

Khandwa Junction railway station is of great significance in Indian Railways as it links the Malwa line, connecting Indore with Deccan and the main East-West line connecting Mumbai and Kolkatta. The station handles a huge rush of trains and passengers on a daily basis and is a prime destination for Food Delivery by renowned e-catering service providers. Whether you are travelling by a long distance train such as 09016, Allahabad Surat Express, or by any other train, you can easily avail the facility of getting the food of your choice delivered fresh and hot on your berth at the station.

Traveler Food has been providing the facility of delivering hygienic and tasty food to countless passengers travelling on trains passing through the station for more than 2 years. Whether your train halts at the station for 5 min or for 30 min, you can be assured of on time food delivery at Khandwa Jn railway station in a simple and hassle free manner.

Irrespective of the number of people you are ordering the meals for and even the type of food being ordered, Traveler Food assures you of the best quality and taste. The e-caterer partners with the most renowned and hygienic restaurants in the city to offer you freshly prepared and healthy Meals on Your Train Seat. The company is committed towards providing the most satisfactory services to passengers in a user friendly and affordable manner.