Food Delivery at GORAKHPUR JN Station

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Traveler food will provides you quality food delivery at GORAKHPUR JN Railway station from the popular restaurant or food outlet in GORAKHPUR JN.You can call us before an hour you will reach at station and fresh food in GORAKHPUR JN railway station will be delivered at your seat.

Gorakhpur – The City That Houses The Gorakhnath Math

The city of Gorakhpur is located on the banks of River Rapti and is most famous for the Gorakashnath temple, which is popularly known as Gorkhnath Math. The city also holds great historic significance as it is the location of the famous Cahuri Chaura incident during the Indian freedom struggle. Famous Indian writer, Munshi Premchand was born and brought up in Gorkahpur. It is also the home town of famous Bollywood celebrities including Asit Sen, Saurabh Shukla, Anurag Kashyap and Jimmy Shergill.

Gorakhpur Jn Railway Station serves as the headquarters of North Eastern Railway. The remodelling of the railway yard in 2013 has made it the world’s longest platform, stretching up to 1.35 km. The station handles a rush of around 189 trains on a daily basis, and is a preferred destination for delivery of hygienic food through e-catering services. Passengers travelling by trains passing through the station can Order Food of their choice from both Indian and international cuisines in a hassle free manner.

Whether you are travelling by a long distance train such as 11016, Kushinagar Express or by a local train, you can get food delivery at Gorakhpur Jn railway station through Traveler Food. All you need to do is provide the details of your train and PNR number in an accurate manner while ordering health food or any other food of your choice.  

It is also important for you to place the order for your meals well in time so that your order can be processed properly and you receive fresh and high quality Meals on your Train seat. In general, the minimum order delivery time for individual meals is specified on the Traverler Food portal, making the process of order placement easier. In case it is not specified, you need to be sure to place the order at least 30-45 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival of the train at the station.  You should increase the time gap relatively, in case you need to place bulk orders.