Published by May 9th, 2016

An ancient city in the central state of Madhya Pradesh in India, Jabalpur lies along the shores of the holy Narmada and its tributaries. Due the cultural orientation of majority of the population and the traditional values and artistic characteristics, Jabalpur was coined the name “Sanskar Dhani” meaning the capital of cultural influences by Vinobha Bhave. The city is still untouched by the modern civilization with leading a moderate, relaxed, family basic more primitive lifestyles seldom found in the major cities.


The Marble rocks formation of the Narmada River at Bhedaghat is a famous sight and is one of prime tourist attraction of the place. Other places include the Dhuandhar waterfalls, Chausatyogini, Bargi Dam, Balancing rock and the Kanha Kisli National Park, one of the biggest National parks in India and author Rudyard Kipling’s primary inspiration for the world famous Jungle Book.


Jabalpur has a primary railway station, Jabalpur junction which is also the west central railways headquarters and is well-connected to other parts of the country including major cities like Kolkatta, Mumbai, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Goa etc.via passenger and super-fast trains that begin from or halt at the station.


Jabalpur is famous for the good food with traditional flavors, especially the spicy kebabs, wonderful tikkis, poha based dishes and sweets like jalebi, malpua and mawa bati which are traditional to the region and cater to people’s sweet tooth. The passage of time has brought about many changes in the region’s cuisine bringing about exotic dishes and new taste liked by both the residents and the tourists. Oh yeah, while you are in Jabalpur don’t forget to taste ‘bhutte ki khees’, the authentic dish of the city made of milk and corn.

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